Tonya Appling Administrative Assistant II
Claude Reeves Arrington Associate Dean of Admissions
Michael Avant Law School Registrar
Sharon Baines Director College Financial Affairs I
Iain Barksdale Law School Technology Services Librarian
Bill Bellan Building Project Coordinator
Luke Bentley Library Public Services Assistant
Josh Bird Communications Program Director
Kimberly Boone Director of Legal Writing Program and Professor of Legal Writing
Amber Brackett Law School Alumni Coordinator
Casey Campos Assistant Director Law School Career Services
Hope Chandler Law Collections Librarian
Sonia Cummins Administrative Assistant II
Joe DeAraujo Audio Visual Technician II
Laura Dotson Executive Assistant I
Lisa Drummond Administrative Assistant II
David Durham Law School Curator
Danita Edmondson Administrative Assistant II
Robbyn Gourdouze Staff Attorney, Domestic Violence Law Clinic
Brittany Hastings Administrative Assistant II
Marquita Henderson Administrative Assistant II
Nicole Hughes Assistant Director Law School Career Services
Natasha Jackson Assistant Director Law School Admissions
Ronnie Jackson Assistant Director Law School Admissions
William January Assistant Director Law School Career Services
Sara Kamalsky Law School Scholarships and Financial Aid Coordinator
Savannah Kelly Communications Specialist II
David Kimberley Deputy Director, Alabama Law Institute
Jill Kjar Office Manager, Alabama Law Institute
Annette Largin CLE Program Manager
Grace Lee Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Felecia Linton Administrative Assistant II
Wendy Michalski Accounting Assistant III
Matthew Neely Legal Research Librarian
Patty Nelson Continuing Legal Education Coordinator
Erica Nicholson Administrative Assistant II
Leon O’Neal Library Public Services Supervisor
DeWuana Peterson Administrative Assistant II
Dan Powell Associate Dean for Graduate Law Programs, Director of CLE
Greg Randall Web Developer II
Alicia Randolph Administrative Assistant II
Cindy Rice Event Planner
Jeb Richter Director College Information Technology I
Candice Robbins Assistant Dean of Advancement
Jenny Ryan Adjunct Assistant Professor and Director of the Children’s Rights Clinic
Nathan Smart Assistant Dean of Administration
Kimberly Ann Stewart Administrative Assistant II
Caroline Strawbridge Associate Senior Director of Development, School of Law
Allison Sutcliffe Program Assistant for Admissions
Megan Walsh Assistant Dean of Career Services
Kirk Walter Assistant Director Law Library Public Services
Jason Wear Director of Development, School of Law
Ruth Weeks Associate Director Law Library