Course Assignments and Cancellations

Course Professor Posted

Contracts Class for Monday, March 25th has been cancelled.


Your 10:45 Con Law class with Professor Fair has cancelled for today, Tuesday March 19th.   Class will resume on Thursday, March 21th.


The makeup class scheduled for Thursday, February 21, has been cancelled due to health reasons.

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SPRING, 2019


Mr. Pearson


Course Materials


Martin & Kramer, Oil and Gas Cases and Materials - 9th Edition 2011 ("Martin")


Class "Assignments and Outline" together with "Handout Materials" will be


provided in class.


First Assignment


A. Characteristics of Oil and Gas:


Read generally pp. 1-16 in Martin.


B. The Rule of Capture and Correlative Rights:


Read Ellif v. Texon Drilling Co. pp. 16-23 and Notes 1, 4, 8, 11 and 12


that follow in Martin and commentary on State Regulation and


Modification of the Rule of Capture pp. 28-30 in Martin.


C. Subsurface Storage of Gas:


Read Northern Natural Gas Co. v. L.D. Drilling, Inc. pp. 30-37 in Martin.