Susan Pace  Hamill
Susan Pace Hamill
Professor of Law and Honors Professor
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Areas of Expertise:
Alabama Tax Law and Policy
Alabama's 1901 Constitution
Business Organizations Law and Policy
Business Tax Law and Policy
Ethical Theories
Federal Tax Law and Policy
State And Local Tax Law and Policy

Susan Pace Hamill

Susan Pace Hamill has been a Professor of Law at the University of Alabama since 1994, teaching in the areas of tax law, business organizations and ethics. She has published three books, two book chapters, 24 law review articles, and 25 essays and editorials in newspapers and magazines across Alabama and all over the country. In the 1990s her scholarship exploring the then brand-new business organization—the limited liability company—achieved wide spread recognition and her research studying thousands of early corporate charters discovered new revelations about the history of corporations.  During the first decade of the 21st century, her scholarship declaring the tax policies of Alabama and other states immoral earned a front-page story in the Wall Street Journal, feature stories in the New York Times and the London Times, and extensive nationwide press coverage, including interviews on ABC and NBC national news programs and National Public Radio. She has done hundreds of speaking engagements in twenty-eight states and in 2010 she was a candidate for the Alabama Legislature. Professor Hamill was recently awarded a joint appointment in the University of Alabama’s Honors College and in spring 2015 she will begin teaching a seminar exploring Alabama’s public policy that perpetuates injustice. In 2011 Professor Hamill’s writings embarked in a new direction—a joint disciplinary effort with the English department harnessing the power of literature to portray injustice embedded in the law. Her debut literary piece, a memoir about the campaign, Pretty Hair: Discovering the Grassroots on the Campaign Trail, is moving towards publication. Professor Hamill served pro bono as an expert witness, consultant and authored an amicus curiae brief for the plaintiffs in two federal lawsuits challenging Alabama’s property tax structure on race-based equal protection grounds. Before joining Alabama’s faculty, Professor Hamill practiced law with the New York City firms of Sullivan & Cromwell and Chadbourne & Parke and served in the Chief Counsel’s Office of the Internal Revenue Service. She is married, the mother of two adult children, and a member of the United Methodist Church.

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